Our Brands

Vegafruit is the parent brand at Swity d.o.o. All of our products are produced under the stamp of the premium Vegafruit quality. Vegafruit is synonymous for the quality products made of marinated vegetables, various fruit spreads and natural juices. Under the seal of Vegafruit, all our products are produced according to traditional recipes, under strictly controlled conditions and from the highest quality raw materials.

Swity juices are natural juices with 50% or 100% fruit share in their contents. They are produced without preservatives, without artificial colors and without additives, according to the traditional recipes, from natural fruit concentrates and from fruit pulp, produced in our own facilities. Consuming Swity juice is an ideal way to meet the daily need of fruits and vitamins. Swity juices that have 100% fruit share are produced without any addition of sugar, so you can feel the natural taste of apples and oranges. You can find Swity juices in a glass bottle of 200ml, which is primarily intended for the HoReCa distribution channel, so you can find them in your favorite cafes and restaurants.

Vegy ketchup is a product category that has a completely redesigned new visual identity, but it retained the recognizable taste of the old Vegy ketchup. It is produced from the highest quality tomato variety, without genetically modified organisms and with a lot of vitamin C. It is produced according to the traditional recipe, which has undergone mild modifications according to the needs of our consumers. They are produced in two flavors: mild and hot. Mild ketchup is an ideal addition to pizzas, with a perfectly balanced oregano supplement, which will make your pizza the best snack for the whole family. Hot ketchup is the perfect addition to French fries and pasta, because its taste is perfectly balanced, and will satisfy your needs for spicy food. You can find our ketchup in two packages, 500g and 900g.


Vegetable products

Vegafruit vegetable products are products that are popular for winter use and storage. They are produced by marinating fresh vegetables, most of which are purchased from local farmers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The production uses exclusively vegetables, which within 24 hours of harvesting comes to our plants and goes to the processing process. They are produced without preservatives and according to the traditional recipes. During the winter days, when there are no fresh vegetables on the market, it is used as an ideal replacement for the same, and provides protection against colds during that period of the year. We use it as a source of vitamins, with the aim of strengthening the immunity. In the Vegy range you can find marinated cucumbers, peppers, pepperoni, beetroot, cabbage, ... and additives to the ajvar, đuveč and other meals. They are packed in glass jars of 370ml, 720ml, 1700ml and 2300ml.


Fruit products

Vegafruit fruit products are jams and marmalades, which are made from the fruit pulp that we produce in our own facilities. 95% of raw materials are purchased from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from local orchards. They are produced from the highest quality fruit varieties under strictly controlled conditions. Ideal breakfast for the whole family, especially for younger members, as an excellent bread spread. It is very easy to spread them on pancakes. They give you an extra dose of fruit, for those who do not have time to use it in their regular diet. Vegafruit jams can be found in glass packaging in jars of 400g and 820g and in buckets of 700g and 2300g.




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