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Swity d.o.o. was founded in November 2015 but has continued the long tradition of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian giant in the processing of fruits and vegetables "Vegafruit d.o.o. Gradačac" and became the owner of the brands Vegafruit, Swity, Vegy and Fruby. The company operates in 3 separate production units: Vegy vegetable products, Fruby fruit products and Swity natural juices. All our products are produced by traditional recipes, without preservatives, artificial coloring or additives.


With our multiyear extensive knowledge in food production, and with the application of modern industrial practices we meet the needs of our customers and consumers for quality and health-correct products. As a company, we are the owners of the Vegafruit brand, which is synonymous with quality products made of marinated vegetables, and various fruit spreads and natural juices. Our goal is to adapt to the needs of our consumers and to enable them that thru consummation of our products they achieve a better quality of life.


To continuously work to strengthen all segments of business, to maintain and strengthen the leading position in the production of healthy and quality food, as well as in the safe purchase of fruits and vegetables from domestic producers.


- sincerity - Swity d.o.o. completely stands behind the quality of products, so it achieves a sincere and honest relationship with consumers and partners,

- tradition - all recipes used today in the manufacturing plants at Swity d.o.o. are original and over 40 years old, from the time when local households in the Doboj area started to process fruits and vegetables turning them into a quality homemade products,

- a hardworking Bosnian family - most of the cooperatives of Swity d.o.o. are Bosnian-Herzegovinian suppliers who are working on their own farms and orchards together with their families and participate in creating every product Swity offers.


Swity d.o.o.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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